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Money Saving Tip – Leftovers and the Recipe for Successful Saving

Money Saving Tip – The Recipe for Successful Saving

Instead of discarding perfectly good leftover food, make the most of it with the tasty recipe suggestions that you can find on websites like Supercook or BigOven, which suggest dishes based on the ingredients you have available.

Make tasty savings by planning your week’s meals ahead of time – including the meals eaten at home and packed lunches for school or work. Having all the ingredients to hand means you’re less likely to be tempted to order a takeaway or buy lunch in a convenience store.

Take a note of all the food that passes its use-by date which you wind up throwing away. It might be time to rethink how you do your grocery shopping. Instead of one weekly trip to the supermarket, consider keeping a smaller stockpile of essentials and buying the groceries you need when you need them. Try it for a few weeks, and see what it saves you.

And while we are on the subject of date… Knowing the difference between a product’s sell-by date and its use-by date could help save you money. Both dates are usually clearly marked on a food product’s packaging or label. The sell-by date is the deadline for the store to keep it on their shelves, while the use by date is the time limit for consuming it.

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Voucher Pages Launches Money Saving Practical Guide

Free eBook contains 25 top tips to help Irish consumers save money

Voucher Pages, which provides an online and mobile coupon platform, has today announced the launch of a new free money-saving practical guide to help Irish consumers save money on shopping and essential household bills.

Irish consumers are over spending but the good news is that it is possible for consumers to save money as they shop and Voucher Pages’ new guide Spend Time Spending Less can help to point them in the right direction.

The free eBook contains 25 practical top tips to help consumers reduce their expenditures. Topics covered in the 50-page guide include groceries, hair & beauty, entertainment, fashion and travel amongst others.

Speaking at the launch of the eBook today at NovaUCD, Ronan Hickey, founder of Voucher Pages said, “Price perception is the number one reason why consumers choose one supplier over another. According to the National Consumer Agency, over 70% of Irish consumers say they are willing to switch supplier to get a better deal and so with shoppers looking to save money, Voucher Pages has produced this free practical guide for Irish consumers, such as a mother with a young family, a student, or a professional, to help them to reduce their household spend.”

He added, “For example, before you go grocery shopping, write down a list of the items you need and make sure you keep to your list. Eat before you go shopping as that way your belly is less likely to convince your brain to buy goodies that you don’t need.”

VoucherPages.ie is an online and mobile coupon platform, which offers free access to exclusive discounts for hundreds of businesses across Ireland. Voucher Pages, located at NovaUCD, was recently award Enterprise Ireland Competitive Start-Up funding.

The company was established in 2011 by Ronan Hickey, who has extensive commercial experience covering product management, business development and marketing. Ronan graduated from University College Dublin with a BComm and an MBS (Marketing Management) degree.

The free money-saving guide, Spend Time Spending Less can be downloaded here.