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Deals – The Daily Deals Market in Ireland in 2017

Daily deals sites have been hugely popular in Ireland ever since the recession killed the Celtic Tiger. Popular offer sites include VoucherPages, Pigsback, Groupon and LivingSocial selling hotels, restaurants, beauty salons, goods and local services. However, there has been a lot of changes with the players in the Irish discount market in this country, so we thought we would let you know the state of play in 2017. Collaborations, takeovers and closures have seen some expanding, while other sites have closed for business.

The Deal Websites

VoucherPages, obviously, are top of the list and still going strong as Ireland’s favourite offers marketplace. With discount codes for retailers and brands, along with exclusive coupons, product offers and featuring vouchers from the best deal sites, with the site is growing year-on-year.

Pigsback have acquired a number of other similar Irish websites in recent months. The parent company, Empathy Marketing, have recently purchased,, and, which they have added to their own existing stable of, and, so don’t be surprised if you see similar offerings across some of those platforms.

Groupon are the still the top dog when it comes to the global deals industry. Groupon Ireland have a large number of users in the major cities of Dublin, Cork, Galway and Limerick. After going public and having some tough years trying to achieve profitability with major worldwide expansion through corporate acquisitions and significant customer acquisition marketing spend, Groupon have exited a number of countries around the world last year. However, they are still popular in Ireland which looks set to continue with the opening of a European office in Dublin, which includes functions such as marketing.

GrabOne was one of the leading daily deals websites in Ireland. It was run by Independent News and Media, one of Ireland’s largest newspaper and media groups. GrabOne decided to close for commercial reasons in November 2015.

LivingSocial were the number two player in the global market but a lot of changes have occurred in their global operations. After talk of I.P.O. failed to materialise in recent years, the US arm of the business was sold to their arch competitor Groupon, for what they said was a nominal fee. LivingSocial Ireland and UK are still the second largest player in Ireland. They were acquired by the same company that owns, Wowcher, one of their competitors and a market leader in the United Kingdom.

Rewarding Times are still running weekly specials for The Irish Times readers.

Closing Time

The Irish market has seen of number of site closures over the past few years. SmartSearch, the daily deals platform that predominantly focused on the West Coast of Ireland in Galway, stopped running in 2016.

Some other sites that are no longer operating include:
• Boards deals
• Bite a bargain
• Bundlebee
• Dealbuzz
• The Advertiser deals
• Dolideals.









For all the latest, visit VoucherPages.


Budget 2017 Highlights

We, at, are interested in all things that affect your finances. The 2017 Budget highlights are below with some minor advantages for lower earners, small improvements for entrepreneurs and effectively reducing the deposit requirements for new home owners but it has failed the middle income earners and has increased Government spending at a precarious time for the country’s finances. Perhaps the result of a coalition government, only time will tell if this budgets works.

Key Highlights of the 2017 Budget for Republic of Ireland announced by Minister for Finance Michael Noonan are

• Changes to Universal Social Tax with a reduction in three lowest rates of Universal Social Charge by 0.5% with a 1% rate cut to 0.5%; 3% rate cut to 2.5%; and 5.5% rate cut to 5%. The reduced 2.5% USC rate ceiling will increase from €18,668 to €18,772
• New income tax rebate of up to 5% under a Help to Buy scheme for new homes valued up to €400,000.
• State pension will rise by €5 per week from March 2017.
• Increase of €5 per week in social welfare payments.
• Christmas bonus for those on social welfare will rise to 85%.
• New help-to-buy scheme for first-time buyers. The big topic of homes will receive a boost of €1.2bn in funding for housing with 47,000 new social housing units to be built by 2021. Additional €105m to enable 15,000 more households to avail of Housing Assistance Payment Scheme. Also, the home renovation scheme will be extended for two years to the end of 2018.
• Mortgage Interest Relief will be extended to December 2020.
• Rent-a-Room income tax relied ceiling will increase by €2,000 from €12,000 to €14,000 per annum.
• More jobs will be created for civil servants with 2,400 additional teaching posts announced of which 900 will be resource teachers, 800 new Gardaí to be recruited in 2017 with more civilian staff to be hired as well to free up desk-bound officers, and 1,000 extra nurses and midwives to be recruited.
• 10 percent rise in minimum wage.
• Creation of a Public Service Pay Commission to report on unwinding of FEMPI legislation.
• Provision of €290m for pay increases agreed under the Lansdowne Road Agreement.
• New Single Affordable Childcare Scheme from September 2017 will be means-tested based on the parents income, for children between six months and 15 years and universal subsidies for all children aged six months to three years.
• €100 increase in Home Carers’ Credit to €1,100.
• Medical card for all children who receive domiciliary care allowance.
• More healthcare spending with an extra €15m to National Treatment Purchase Fund (NTPF) to reduce hospital waiting lists.
• €25 cap on prescription charges for over 70s reduced to €20 from 1 March 2017.
• Excise duty on pack of 20 cigarettes to go up by 50 cents.
• New measures introduced to reduce emissions including extending relief from vehicle registration tax on electric vehicles for five years
• Good news for those in the tourism sector who are able to take advantage of the reduced VAT rate, the 9% VAT rate for tourism and hospitality industry will remain.
• Entrepreneurship is being encourages with The Start Your Own Business scheme being extended for a further two years. Earned Income Tax Credit for self-employed increased by €400 to €950.
• The Government has decreased the capital gains tax (CGT) regime for entrepreneurs and start-ups by 50% on business disposals from 20% to 10% but the ceiling for the lower Capital Gains Tax rate is still €1 million.
• Low cost, highly flexible loan fund for farmers announced
• €1,270 income tax credit for fishermen.
• DIRT will be reduced by 2% each year to until 2020.
• Intention to introduce tax on sugar-sweetened drinks in April 2018 after public consultation.
• €28m increase in allocation for emergency accommodation to €100 million.
• €15m to help progress National Broadband Plan.
• €319m to be spent on regional and local roads throughout the country.

The general reaction appears to be muted to this budget as there is still along way to go to improving the people of Ireland’s financial circumstances. Let us know your thoughts.

Budget 2016 Summary

Here at, we try to save you money. With the increased costs of living and taking so much in previous budgets, the 2016 Budget has been announced with small steps to add a small bit back into your wallet but there is a long road still to go for citizens of Ireland.

Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan, stated that “all workers will gain a full extra week’s wages” and that Ireland is on course to be the fastest-growing economy in Europe for the second year in a row, and that with a State deficit for 2015 of 2.1%, we are ahead of the target of 2.7%. Mr Howlin said the budget deficit was 12.5 per cent when the Coalition came to power in 2011.

Key elements of the Budget 2016 inlcude:

Here are the main points of Budget 2016:

  • Income tax will decrease with the marginal rate of tax down reduced to 49.5% for individuals earning under €70,044 .
  • The much maligned Universal Social Charge will be less. The entry point for  USC will rise from €12,012 to €13,000. The 1.5% USC rate (on the first €12,012 earned) will be cut to %; the 3.5 % rate (on income of €12,012 to €18,668) is reduced to 3%, and the 7% USC rate (on earnings of €18,668 to €70,044) will reduce to  5.5%.
  • Self employed and farmers will receive an Earned Income Tax Credit of as do not receive the PAYE credit.
  • The statutory minimum wage is to rise from €8.65 to €9.15 per hour.
  • Income qualifying for the Knowledge Development Box will be subject to a reduced rate of corporation tax of 6.25%.
  • Capital Gains tax rate will be 20% per cent  for the sale of a business up to a limit of €1 million in chargeable gains.
  • The bank levy is to remain in place until 2021.
  • A stamp duty exemption for young trained farmers is to be extended for a until 2018.
  • The pension fund levy will be abolished.
  • The social welfare Christmas bonus will be 75% of the recipient’s weekly payment.
  • The old age pension will increase by €3 per week. Also, pensioners will get a Christmas bonus of 75% of the recipient’s weekly pension payment.
  • Child benefit will increase by €5 per month.
  • For new parents, two weeks of statutory paternity leave will be approved.
  • Free pre-school childcare will be available for children from 3 years until they start primary education or are five and a half years of age.
  • Parents will be happy that the free GP care scheme is expected to be available for children aged under 12.
  • The threshold for the Family Income Support payment is to increase by €5 per week for families with one child and €10 for those with two or more children.
  • The respite care grant for carers will be restored to its previous level of €1,700.
  • A tax credit for people who are carers in the home rises by €190 to €1,000. The income threshold for home carers will also increases.
  • Fuel allowance will be increased to €22.50 a week.
  • Motor tax for commercial vehicles above a certain size will be reduced to a maximum of €900.
  • Capital Acquisitions Tax tax-free threshold to €280,000, where property is transferreda between parents and their children.
  • Funding will be available for new teachers and garda will be recruited.
  • Nama is to deliver 20,000 residential units with 90% in greater Dublin area.
  • The excise duty on a pack of 20 cigarettes is to increase by 50%.

Let us know your comments on the budget.

Irish Company Voucher Pages Launches New Free Location-Based Discount Voucher App for the UK Market

Christmas Shoppers and New Year Deal Hunters to Save Money with Access to Thousands of Deals and Vouchers

We at Voucher Pages, the market leading online and mobile coupon provider in Ireland, have today announced the launch of mobile apps, a new free location-based voucher application for iPhone and Android devices, for the United Kingdom market. has thousands of discount vouchers available to save consumers money as they shop across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. According to the Centre of Retail Research, approximately 30% of all online Christmas sales in 2014 will take place on a smartphone or tablet device, which is over 300% more than the same time last year. In addition two-thirds of UK shoppers will not make a purchase before researching discounts online.

The app combines shoppers love for discounts with the growing trend of purchasing on their mobile device. The free mobile app geo-locates a shopper’s current location displaying discount vouchers available for all types of goods, services and leading brands in their immediate vicinity. With the option to filter discounts by type of product/service, shoppers can see relevant deals and voucher codes for what they wish to buy.

Speaking at the launch in London, Ronan Hickey, CEO and founder of Voucher Pages said, “Shoppers across the United Kingdom love discounts. Our location-based mobile app makes it easy for consumers to find discounts on the go, at Christmas time and throughout the year, with vouchers listed by how far the store is away from the user. This will ensure that shoppers do not pay any more than they have to for goods and services.”

The Android App is available to download for free from the Google Play store ( and theiPhone version is available from the Apple App store (

Consumers can also visit to browse and shop with available vouchers.

Smartphone Apps

Voucher Pages Launches Free Location-Based Coupon App for Android

Company expects to increase user base by 50,000 consumers with new App

Dublin, Ireland, 20th May 2014, Voucher Pages today announce the launch of its free location-based coupon App for Android devices with thousands of local coupons available to save consumers money across Ireland.

Location-based marketing is the most important factor in mobile advertising in 2014. (Mobile Commerce Magazine). According to Google, one-third of searches in 2013 were location based, and 18% of all internet searches on a smartphone were for a coupon-related search term.


Voucher Pages is Ireland’s leading online and mobile coupon provider, offering consumers the largest choice of coupons to save money on local services and retailers nationwide.


The company, which is based at NovaUCD, the Centre for New Ventures and Entrepreneurs, expects its user base to grow by 50,000 consumers with the introduction of its new App for Android devices.


The new Voucher Pages Android App geo-locates a user to display coupons for businesses around their current location. The user can filter coupons by business type to view discounts for what they want to buy. The mobile coupon can then be displayed when paying in-store to retrieve a discount.


Speaking at the launch of the free Android App, Ronan Hickey, CEO of Voucher Pages said, “the importance of location-based marketing is growing at a rapid rate. Mobile internet usage has overtaken fixed internet usage. With this growth in mobile usage, consumers want immediate access to local shopping information including coupons to make informed purchasing decisions in real time on the go.”


Over the past 12 months, Android smartphones have seen a rapid growth in market share. Voucher Pages have already released an iPhone version of their App which reached the top of the App Store charts. CEO, Ronan Hickey, expects similar enthusiasm for their Android App from discount hungry consumers. Speaking at the launch today in NovaUCD, they are expecting “to increase their user base by over 50,000 consumers with their location-based Android App.”


Voucher Pages, based at a NovaUCD, was founded by Ronan Hickey and is an Enterprise Ireland client, having recently been awarded the Competitive Start-Up Fund. Ronan has extensive commercial experience covering product management, and marketing having worked for Truvo Ireland Ltd and Vodafone. He is a University College Dublin graduate holding BComm and MBS (Marketing Management) degrees.


The Voucher Pages Android App is available to download for free from the Google Play ( or theiPhone version is available from the Apple App store ( Consumers can also visit to browse and print available coupons.


For further information contact Ronan Hickey,, telephone: + 353 1 901 0448, , email:  [email protected]

Top 5 Shopping Trends in Q1 2014

Are we coming out of recession ? While not out of the woods yet, it appears that we are on the road to recovery, according to consumer indicators released by Voucher Pages today with the top 5 Shopping Trends in the first quarter of 2014.

1. The Savvy Celtic Tiger Shoppers

Has the extravagant frivolous spending of years gone by been replaced by a nation of bargain hunters! I can hear the Celtic Tigers may shriek “OMG Noooo”! While the final quarter and Christmas period has traditionally been a very strong period for online shopping and discount seekers, Voucher Pages has seen consumer spend remain strong throughout the first quarter of this year with an increase in both overall user numbers and consumer spend in Q1 2014 from Q4 2013 with sales of technology, electronics and home improvement performing very well. This is a key indicator that shoppers appear to be spending more, and that consumers are getting more savvy with their cash by looking for the best value.

2. Staycation and Vacation likes its 2006!

With our love of all weather-related talk and natural bronze complexions, is it any surprise that consumers are taking advantage of special offers available in the first quarter of the year with a spike in hotel and holiday bookings in January.

Following a 23% increase in hotel bookings in December 2013 compared to the same period in 2012, this growth has continued into 2014 with a further 26% increase in hotel and accommodation searches in January. Is this a sign that some households are coming out of recession?

3. New Year’s Resolutions

We are a nation of fitness freaks and gym bunnies, yeah! Maybe not but we have good intentions. There has been a 45% growth in searches for health and fitness vouchers in the first quarter of 2014 with people looking for  gyms, fitness classes and health treatments to get those beach bodies back into shape. While people exercising more in the early part of the year may not be a shock, such strong growth indicates that gym goers really do want a deal to sign up for membership.

4. Come Dine with Masterchefs

Suppressed by austerity measures for far too long, consumers are spending on food and drink but doing so on a budget. While January would normally be a quiet month to recover from the Christmas excesses, Voucher Pages have surprisingly seen a 30% increase in restaurant and takeaway coupon redemptions in the first quarter of 2014.

5. Bargain Basement Fashionistas

Turns out fashion lovers did not want to wait for the January sales this year, or is it a smart move on the part of retailers! Last year, we saw a trend of clothes shoppers waiting until January to make purchases but this has reversed during the 2013/2014 festive period with shoppers making their purchases earlier. There were 20% more fashion and clothing shoppers using Voucher Pages in the final stages of 2013, as opposed to January. Many retailers are now starting their Winter sales in December and it appears to be paying off with very strong December clothing sales results.


Sales Jobs – Join Our Expanding Team at NovaUCD

Are you looking to develop a sales career in the digital marketing sector?

If you are highly-motivated sales professional who achieves results, can work on own initiative and wishes to join our growing business, we want to hear from you.

Voucher Pages is an online and mobile coupon provider. We are looking to recruit a Sales Executive with experience selling to business clients. Full training, salary, bonus, uncapped commission and career advancement is available for the right candidates.

Based at our offices in Nova UCD, this is a great opportunity to develop a career in sales within a high growth sector.

Desired Skills & Experience:

  • Business-to-business telephone sales experience would be highly advantageous.
  • Excellent sales, presentation, influencing and communication skills required.
  • Target-driven individual with ability to exceed sales targets.
  • Highly professional with strong customer orientation.
  • Must be able to work on own initiative.

Email your C.V. and cover letter to [email protected]

Voucher Pages on The Marc Coleman Show on Newstalk

With the launch of our new Money-Saving Guide, Voucher Pages have been getting a lot of coverage in the national press including The Sunday Business Post, and featured on a number of radio shows lately including Dublin South FM, West Limerick 102 FM and most recently on Newstalk.

With the budget announcement further highlighting the need for consumers to seek value on their expenditure, Ronan was a guest panelist on The Marc Coleman Show on Newstalk last night. Listen Here

Write up in Sunday Business Post on VoucherPages free Practical Money Saving Guide

Voucher Pages Launches Money Saving Practical Guide

Free eBook contains 25 top tips to help Irish consumers save money

Voucher Pages, which provides an online and mobile coupon platform, has today announced the launch of a new free money-saving practical guide to help Irish consumers save money on shopping and essential household bills.

Irish consumers are over spending but the good news is that it is possible for consumers to save money as they shop and Voucher Pages’ new guide Spend Time Spending Less can help to point them in the right direction.

The free eBook contains 25 practical top tips to help consumers reduce their expenditures. Topics covered in the 50-page guide include groceries, hair & beauty, entertainment, fashion and travel amongst others.

Speaking at the launch of the eBook today at NovaUCD, Ronan Hickey, founder of Voucher Pages said, “Price perception is the number one reason why consumers choose one supplier over another. According to the National Consumer Agency, over 70% of Irish consumers say they are willing to switch supplier to get a better deal and so with shoppers looking to save money, Voucher Pages has produced this free practical guide for Irish consumers, such as a mother with a young family, a student, or a professional, to help them to reduce their household spend.”

He added, “For example, before you go grocery shopping, write down a list of the items you need and make sure you keep to your list. Eat before you go shopping as that way your belly is less likely to convince your brain to buy goodies that you don’t need.” is an online and mobile coupon platform, which offers free access to exclusive discounts for hundreds of businesses across Ireland. Voucher Pages, located at NovaUCD, was recently award Enterprise Ireland Competitive Start-Up funding.

The company was established in 2011 by Ronan Hickey, who has extensive commercial experience covering product management, business development and marketing. Ronan graduated from University College Dublin with a BComm and an MBS (Marketing Management) degree.

The free money-saving guide, Spend Time Spending Less can be downloaded here.

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