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Consumer Advice Ireland: Google Privacy Policy Changes – Deleting Your Google Browsing History

Tomorrow, March 1, 2012, the Google privacy policy will change to allow it to gather, store and use personal information about its users. Today is the last date you can delete your previous browsing history to limit the extent to which Google records your search details.

The company say the aim is make searches more relevant for you. For example, if you have been searching for an oven dishes, the next time you log into You Tube, you might be recommended cooking videos. However, this could also apply to searches relating to very sensitive issues that you may have searched, while logged into your Google account. All this search information will allow them to build a permanent profile of you that could include personal information including age, gender and locality.

Today is the last date you can delete your previous browsing history, which will limit the extent to which Google records your search details, which could include embarrassing secrets.

Steps to Delete Your Previous Google Browsing History:

Step 1: Sign into your gmail account.

Step 2: Use the dropdown menu under your name at the upper right-hand corner to access your settings. Click  “ACCOUNT SETTINGS”.

Step 3: Find the section called “SERVICES” and you’ll see a link to ‘VIEW, ENABLE OR DISABLE WEB HISTORY”. Click this.

Step 4: To remove all of your search history details, click “REMOVE WEB HISTORY”. Once you have done this your history will remain  disabled, until you turn it back on.

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Irish Consumers Save Money by Switching Providers to Get Value for Money

Following up on recent article regarding who actually buys deals in Ireland, our market indicators point to price perception being the number 1 reason why consumers switch service provider or  product.

Why? In these recessionary times, people want and need value for money. Consumers are willing to shop around and look further afield for value. On, we can see that consumers are looking at the services and offers of multiple businesses each time they visit our discount voucher directory. This ensure that consumers and buying what they need, but also ensure that businesses are winning new customers that will hopefully lead to repeat business.

The Irish Times today published a good article today echoing up that consumers are switching provider to save money. The article states

“Over 90 per cent of Irish consumers who switched car insurance providers last year saved an average of more than €100 each, according to a study by the National Consumer Agency (NCA). The latest study carried out by the agency points to the value to be found by shopping around. It shows 85 per cent of people who switched products or service provider across a range of key categories saved money as a result. The agency said 95 per cent of those who switch car insurance company saved an average of €102, while 91 per cent of home insurance switchers found cheaper premiums elsewhere and were able to knock €84 off the cost of their policies. The research found that 13 per cent of consumers switched car insurance providers, 12 per cent changed their mobile phone provider while 10 per cent of consumers changed where they did their regular grocery shop last year. “The research indicates that real savings can be made by switching and we would advise consumers to continually review all their household bills, to compare the alternative options available and switch providers if a better deal is on offer,” the agency’s chief executive Ann Fitzgerald said.

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